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That Temp Sensor!!! Help!

Fellow list members...I need your help regarding my temp sensor...i have 
a 1990 80 quattro...Everytime I turn my wheel to the right in a sharp 
turn my coolant light, on the dash, starts flashing like mad-this of 
course, drives me nuts!!..I notice usually only on turns...Another 
attribute worth mentioning is that the car after 15 min in stop go 
traffic starts to go just past the normal temp range about I I <-that 
much...When i am on long stretches of highway it stays pretty 
cool...What gives? Coolant? Temp sensor?..I am really not sure but i 
dont want it to cause something that could and should be prevented...if 
everyone could help me out i would be very grateful
thanks list!

nick meyers
90 80q
87.5 CGT 

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