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So, what should I do

Sorry to hear about your problems, scott.

I would demand (if you're not an agressive person, watch some van damn
movies or something to psych yourself up) to speak with his supervisor, and
demand to have all of the issues taken care of 100 percent and have the
repairs done YESTERDAY. Get in their face(s). If his supervisor is an
asshole also, speak with the owner of the lot, speak with the media, and
get yourself a lawyer.

There are a couple of options regarding what you will force them to give
you : your money back; your money back plus .38 cents a mile (IRS deduction
rate); money, milage, and TIME back; money milage time and emotional
distress as well as lawyer fees and punitive damages.

Do not settle for anything less. Kick ass, don't bother with taking names,
just worry about the skull fragments on your boots. (metaphoracally
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