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Re: 4kq scirocco, speedvision

That is defiantly a problem! During one of the boat races I was at, the same
thing happened to a guy in a 45 tunnel boat, for those of you who do not
know, a tunnel boat is a race boat that rides on just about the last 2 feet
of the boat and the propeller! Well at 70 mph  going hard into the first
turn off comes his steering wheel, DAMN,  he barrel rolls it and has a boat
run the through the rear half of his boat. Pretty scary! Just thank god for
all of the modern safety equipment!!!!  he was not hurt either, But it did
make me add a secondary locking system on my steering wheel!
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Date: Monday, June 29, 1998 7:41 PM
Subject: Re: 4kq scirocco, speedvision

>The "Scirroco Quattro" did crash.The driver Dan Rutan is fine and the
>car will race another day.The cause of the crash,are you ready for
>this,THE STEERING WHEEL CAME OFF.The bolts in the hub came out. Lucky
> This car is real home built not fancy but fast.Very large intrcooler
>(now defunct) with a big Garrett turbo.Lots of home made duct work,not
>fancy but functional.