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Re: Thanks to Paul and other organizers!

Hairy green toads from Mars made Brett Dikeman say:

> As a Corral attendee, I would like to thank everyone that helped make the Q
> Corral happen(I don't know half the people who did, so I can't name you)
> particularly Paul for dealing with all of us :)  The parking location was
> great, the T shirt spiffy and the tent Audi set aside for guests was nifty
> as well(though I don't think many people knew we could use it.)  A good
> time was had by all.
> I noticed quite a bit of interest from non-Audi people; I got a few
> questions and you could pick out the non-qheads.  Seemed our Corral was
> considered/viewed as a mini car show by many spectators; perhaps next year
> it can be advertised as such!  I thought the gathering Sunday was
> spectacular and fairly diverse.

Maybe we can get a banner saying Northest Region Quattro Club
or some such thing. I heard a rumor that Thompson Smith knows
a little about designing things like that.

> It was also a lot of fun doing a caravan from MA/NH up to the mountain; I
> would encourage everyone to do it next year if possible!

Only if ya can keep up! Next year I'm going to bring the bonehead.


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