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Re: @$#*% wastegate nut stripped

>shot at it.  You could use a Dremel tool to flatten out parallel 

Uh oh... That was my idea too. 

When you start thinkin like me, you're really in trouble! 

I think I am going to go with the dremel route, and get a new nut once I
get this one off. Or maybe try to dremel a few angles parallel to the 8mm
sides of the nut and jam a 7mm on there.

<no brooks, get away from there with that arc welder!>

<but mooooooom, it's just a little one!>

<no dammit, use those depleted uranium slugs you stole from the armory last
<well, if I have to.>

I'll tell ya how it goes. I'm off to brave manual labor under the sun for
some community usefully serving me. (or something)