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Audis and ESP...

Yesterday morning, the blower motor in my '89 200q finally spun its last
revolution and since it was supposed to reach 112 degrees, the idea of
making a 45-mile roundtrip in a car with no ventilation didn't appeal to me
much.  So, I borrowed my mother's '87 5kw car and drove to work with my
girlfriend, who dropped me off at the office and continued on to work herself.

Good thing, too.  The yellow '71 Corvette that parks next to me on the 4th
floor of the parking garage caught fire yesterday afternoon and took three
other cars with it before the fire department arrived and put out the blaze.
Had I driven to work in my 200q, the dead blower motor would have been the
least of my worries by the end of the day...

In the past, I used to complain about my car's occasional unreliability but
now I'm wondering if it's psychic and merely saving me -- not to mention
itself! -- from all sorts of untold horrors.  Food for thought, eh?

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