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Audi/Triple-K Turbo Questions

I've got some quick questions for you all regarding the Triple-K turbos on
your beloved Audis.

At one point I was given a K26 that was originally used on a VM 4.2l, 6-cyl
diesel.  I've been trying to figure out if it will work in my
application--a 3.0l 4-cyl Toyota diesel.  The local Triple-K dealer and VM
were of no help.  THEN, I discovered that some Audis use the K26.  

I was hoping that somebody on the list could point me towards compressor
maps, and/or A/R information for the K26 used on Audis.

I've searched through your archives and checked all the WWW sites I could
find but was unable to come up with anything.

Also, my K26 is only oil cooled.  Was there ever a water cooled K26 offered
in an Audi?  

The exhaust turbine on my K26 is pooched so I may use it as a partial core
to trade in on a rebuilt unit intended for an Audi.  I sure would like to
trade up to a water cooled unit if possible.

Anyhow, please e-mail me directly with responses as I'm not on the list.
Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

Rob Mullen RAMullen@wimsey.com       North Vancouver, B.C., Canada  |    
Editor of the TLC FAQ                TLCA #3036, Coastal Cruisers   |
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