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RE: More *no handers*

> > I'm continually amazed at the claims of smart dumb devices.  The
> >pinnacle of this particular device is one that is not only SMART, but
is so
> >smart the driver needs no hands at all.   Absolutely, positively, THE
> >amazing claim of audi prowess to date.  Dave you've aced us all.
> >Scott

errrr scott, what *is* your problem?  i demonstrated that the ur-quattro
was so *stable* in the turns that i could take my hands from the wheel,
and the car continued to track on the throttle around the turn.  braking
at this point (clutch in) centred the steering wheel and broadsided the
car.  so noted.  do you want witnesses?  happy to oblige.

it was proof to me that your "u-o-u-o-u" simply doesn't occur in very
low cf conditions with the ur-q.  despite your (many) theories on this

seems that the facts do not fit with your "physics".  still i guess that
it's not the first time.  who's laughing now professor?

back to your drawing board i guess....

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q