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re:1990 200TQ buying tips, please (no help)

David Coleman writes:
 > i, too am seriously considering a 90 200q...
 > i have never even looked under the hood of a 20v, let alone know how to
 > identify one (does it have "20v" emblazened all over the thing?)

Since there seems to be some confusion here...
The 200Q from 1989-1990 was a 10 valve turbo quattro, the 1991 200Q
has the 20 valve turbo, the UFO brakes (originally), and flared
fenders. There are more differences, but these are the most obvious.
During the model years there are changes too, such as the airbag's
appearance in mid 1989 models.
Now, there's more confusion to add in there.

David Ritter