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Re: cooling an amp (min. Audi content)

I agree that for this application, blowing air across the heatsink would
probably be the best bet--you want to move air away from the heatsink
but with it upside down fans blowing side to side will do a more
efficient job of getting heat away from the deeper bits of the heatsink.

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Richard Beels wrote:
> Fans cool by pulling air over/through something hotter than the air.  Also,
> it's much easier to pull warm air out than push cold air in.  The more air,
> the more heat transfer, the better cooling.  Thus, while the general answer
> is set the fan right on top, upside down in the trunk poses some other
> considerations.  Maybe two smaller fans pulling air from side to side would
> be better...
> At 04:45 PM 6/30/1998 , you wrote:
> >I've got an amp mounted upside down in my trunk of my 90.  I never really
> >had  a problem with it shutting down due to heat until I hooked up all 4
> >channels and now it is 100+ F  in Texas.  I am gonna get a fan for it,
> >question is; would it be better to blow air across it, or suck air away from
> >it, like a radiator fan does?
> Cheers!