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Hand Brake Cable Replacement Questions

I finally got the replacement cables for my 1990 200 q.  Actually not a
bad price for an Audi part ($16.50 each).  Anyway, I jacked the car up
and after looking at the cables, it appears that they are going to take
some work to replace.  It appears that they have to be unhooked from the
adjustment hook, then pulled out backwards toward each wheel.  Anyone
done this before?  Is there another way to do it?  

The hardest part appears to be the need to remove the drive shaft in
order to have access to the adjustment nut that tightens the cables. Is
that the only way to do it or can one actually reach beside the drive
shaft and turn the nut?  It looks awfully tight to me!!  If one is
careful, it looks like it might be possible to disconnect the drive
shaft from the rear differential and carefully flex it (as little as
possible) and tie it so there is access to the adjuster.  Any BTDT help
would be greatly appreciated.