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93 S4 power lock problem


	The power locks on my S4 are s@#$%d up. Everything was fine until I let
the local "monkey-lads" (TM, Phil Payne) work on the car. (Famous last
words- what could they possibly do to the car while fixing a FLAT?)

	Now, the power locks seem to be out of phase, in other words, pushing the
lock button near the inside door handle up locks the doors, and pushing it
down unlocks them. 

	Operating the infrared remote has the incredibly annoying effect of either
leaving the car locked, but the alarm off, or, here's the really
entertaining part, unlocked with the alarm on! (Get in, go to start car,
alarm goes off, ARRRGHHHH!!!!, take key back out, get out of car, turn key
in driver's door to shut off alarm, read the ~1/2 page in the Bentley
_again_ for any hints, curse, forget locks are screwed up, repeat......)
I've had the door completely apart, read all of the incredibly skimpy
information in the Bentley on the power locking/alarm system, and I'm still
clueless. Everything works, it just doesn't work right. Is there any way to
reset the system? Any other ideas?



93 S4 Pearl, laughing behind my back...