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Re: cooling an amp (min. Audi content)

#1- NEVER mount an amp upside down! The heatsinks(or heavy metal case) on the
amp are on the top for a reason...heat rises. your just stewing the amp in it's
own juices. move the amp to a different position and you may not need the fan.
good luck,
Reed Unterseher
4kcsQ-'87(With a whole lot of Rockford Fosgate stuff)

Rob Andrews wrote:

> I've got an amp mounted upside down in my trunk of my 90.  I never really
> had  a problem with it shutting down due to heat until I hooked up all 4
> channels and now it is 100+ F  in Texas.  I am gonna get a fan for it,
> question is; would it be better to blow air across it, or suck air away from
> it, like a radiator fan does?
> Thanks!
> Rob