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WTB WG spring & anti squeal pad?

Hello all,

I am nearing the purchase of a Hoppen RS2 setup (3.0 Bar box w/ Lehman
chips, RS2 turbo & manifold) and I will need to convert my '93 S4's
adjustable wastegate w/ stiffer TAP spring back to stock configuration. Any
BTDT's out there that may be able to point me in the right direction? Where
to get a stock WG spring? Does the dealer carry them separately? How about
getting rid of the adjustability? What needs to be done there?

Can the WG be anodized?

Also I've rolled some mileage up on my big brakes and my Porterfield
Enterprises R4-S pads squeal a little on light application (pulling into a
parking spot) so I was wondering if anyone knew where I might find a set of
"anti squeal pads" that I may slip between the brake pads and the brake

FYI, the Porterfields offer tremendous bite and they offer a ton of Audi
applications. Dusty as hell though.

Finally, I've made a little more progress on fitting the S6/A4 3 spoke sport
steering wheel onto my S4 which came with the blah 4 spoke steering wheel. I
may have it bolted on and ready to go in a few weeks.

Thanks for the help,