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Correlation b/w no hands and torsen?

A recap:
Dave Eaton writes:
"it was proof to me that your "u-o-u-o-u" simply doesn't occur in very
low cf conditions with the ur-q.  despite your (many) theories on

and in another post..

"the point of the whole exercise, once again, was to demonstrate that the
(claimed) u-o-u-o-u behaviour of the centre diff in the torsen does not
happen in the ur-q.  no bite, no drama.  clearly some people have a
problem with this."

A variety of posts follow and today Greg and Phil get upset about the tone
of the posts and wonder why others are questioning or ridiculing the
"truth."  If you read the posts I don't think anyone is questing that what
Dave says happened actually happened.  Its the conclusions Dave draws (see
above) which people are questioning.  If we use a little analytical
reasoning  - what does turning a car on grass and then taking your hands off
the wheel add insight into the operation of the torsen?  It doesn't.  The
outcome described by Dave would be the same in my old 82 Accord or 77
Rabbit.  So what.  It seems to me Dave has proven that Audis don't self
correct.  So what.

The fact remains that the torsen in the 20v Urq is the same in the type 44
chassis.  there have been many reports of bite on this list about that
torsen in the "newer" chassis.  Saying the torsen doesn't bite in "my" car
over and over does not add anything to the analysis.

My .02
Matt Pfeffer