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Re: Valve clatter/Synthetic oil?

Hairy green toads from Mars made dgfulton say:

> '86 4kcsq with intermittent noisy valves, especially at start-up. It has
> run like that for quite some time and a mechanic told me it was normal
> for Audi's due to the hydrolic lifters/adjusters-nothing to worry
> about.  Lately it seems worse.  Sometimes it's really bad but it does go
> away.    Heard that synthetic oil or the Valvoline synthetic blend may
> help.  Any comments or suggestions?  Is this a serious problem?

Not a serious problem unless it doesn't go away in 60 seconds or so.

Synthetic oil will help (so I hear, don't use it myself on my I5's).
Are you using a filter with an anti-drainback valve? That will help
a LOT. Sometimes, lifters get old and clogged up a little, especially
if your oil suffers from not enough changes. Viscosity effects it, too.

Even if the lifters need to be replaced, it's not a hellacious job.
They are about $15 each, for 10, and an hour to replace (?)


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