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intercooler/bypass valve

I just swapped my intercooler last night (due to cracks in the old one).
The new one I got ($261.11 from Carlson) has the bypass valve connection
(now plugged). The part # is 035145805F, the old one had A instead of F
and didn't have the bypass valve outlet.

So, I'm wondering if anyone would like to trade a bypass valve for
a used intercooler? The old intercooler had been put in after a front-end
altercation almost 3 years ago. It came with some other parts from a junk
yard. It has two cracks on the input tube which could be fixed with some
JB weld or some similar epoxy. I was going to do that but the insurance
company decided to help me out. :-)

Now, I'm interested in the bypass valve! I'm running 1.9 bar and
have the intercooler zip-tied for added protection, but that bypass
valve would help the intercooler and probably keep the turbo from
slowing down during shifts. Does anyone have a picture of factory
installed bypass valve? I was looking down there and thinking it looks
kind of tight! I realize I'll have to put a fitting on the elbow pipe
and run a vacuum line to the intake manifold, then I should be good
to go!

Thanks for any info...