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A/C Problems in 1990 Audi 200 Turbo

In my 1990 Audi 200 Turbo in when the climate control system is in the
ECON, Bi-Lev, Auto, or Def modes the blower motor sometimes works and
sometimes doesn't regardless of the mode or the fan speed (hi or lo).
Occasionally, when I make a right hand turn, the blower motor will
suddenly come on and will usually stay on until I hit a bump, at which
point it will go off.  

I put the A/C Control Head in diagnostic mode (by hitting the outside
temp button and the off button) and checked channel 7.  It indicated
that everything was OK (compressor was on, etc.).  Both interior
temperature sensors channels indicated the correct temperature.

My questions:

1.  What are the common failure points indicative of the above symtoms?
2.  Would a "Going, going, gone!" blower motor exhibit these symtoms?
3.  Could it be a loose connection or wire, and if so, where are the
likely places to look for these loose connections?
4.  Could this be a faulty blower control unit, and if so, where is this
unit located?

Any help is appreciated.


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