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A different kind of "swap"

Recent low prices on V8Qs have got me thinking... (uh oh!)

I've always loved the idea of owning one of the extremely rare '91 5spd 
V8s.  I was wondering how feasible it would be to swap the *transmission* 
 in a relatively plentiful and affordable automatic V8Q for a manual.  I 
thought about doing this with my '94 Cab briefly before I bought my 91CQ - 
a'la Kim Collins.

Does anyone know if the transmission, clutch, etc are specific to the 3.7l 
V8 motor, or shared with the 5 cyl or more likely with the V6?  I would 
figure that if the transmission is specific to the V8s, then the swap would 
quickly become cost-prohibitive -  (Just try to find a junked 91 5Spd V8!) 
 but if the components are shared with other more available Audis we just 
might have something...

...and while we're at it why not consider the 4.2l V8?  I know that the 
4.2l was never offered with a 5spd in the U.S., but I would have to assume 
that it was in other markets.  How about that, huh?  A 272hp normally as  
pirated, manually shifted, Q ship!  Wow!

Dave ("Dr. Frankenstein") Via