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Re: Valve clatter/Synthetic oil?

dgfulton <dgfulton@vegas.infi.net> wrote:
> '86 4kcsq with intermittent noisy valves, especially at start-up. It has
> run like that for quite some time and a mechanic told me it was normal
> for Audi's due to the hydrolic lifters/adjusters-nothing to worry about. 
> Lately it seems worse.  Sometimes it's really bad but it does go away.   
> Heard that synthetic oil or the Valvoline synthetic blend may help.  Any
> comments or suggestions?  Is this a serious problem?

Well, I think synthetic might help, like Mobil 1.  I would stay away from 
synthetic blends, and mix it myself with conventional so I knew just how 
much synthetic was in.  Who knows the percentage of synthetic to 
conventional in those "blends".

It may take a few changes to see a result, so give it time.