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Re: Correlation b/w no hands and torsen?

Matt & Jenai decided to speak these words:

>The fact remains that the torsen in the 20v Urq is the same in the type 44
>chassis.  there have been many reports of bite on this list about that
>torsen in the "newer" chassis.  Saying the torsen doesn't bite in "my" car
>over and over does not add anything to the analysis.

Except for the fact that each chassis has such different tuning that it 
might just have the ability to handle the hunting behavior of the torsen 
itself.  The question here is if it manifests itself on the torsen UrQ in 
the real world, or at all, and apparently it does not.

That does not saythat the bite does not occur on the type 44, just that 
the urQ chassis is able to cope with the torque transfer at the limit.


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