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'93 90S Fan speed

To:   quattro

My '93 90S has an interesting new habit.  The heat/AC fan does not function
on the first two fan speeds, but works fine on the highest two settings.

I pulled the radio and the covers off the switch mechanism, and I can't see
anything that is obviously wrong with the fan speed switch.  Although, I
haven't disconnected the cables for the temperature and vent control and
pulled the whole unit, so I may be missing something.

Anybody have any thoughts on this?  Something I should look for?

Also, I just received my AllData CD for the car and I must say I'm
underwhelmed  I tried to pull wiring information on the switch and it's
pretty useless.  The other procedure I plan on doing soon is the front
rotors/brake pads, and the AllData information is skimpy, or for other
models.  The sum total of the break pad replacement procedure reads
something like:
1. Jack up the car
2. Remove the wheel
3. Replace the pads
4. Put the wheel back on
5. Test drive
Helpful stuff.

Finally, in the winter I purchased a pair of MXV4's without first
consulting the list (bad move!).  If anyone out there is tempted to buy
these, lay down and be still until the temptation passes.  I was amazed at
how quickly these tires get up on a plane on a moderately wet road.  I wish
my water ski boat planed as quickly.  These things are over sized tricycle
tires.  Avoid them at all costs.