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Fwd: A/C Problems in 1990 Audi 200 Turbo

You wrote:
>In my 1990 Audi 200 Turbo in when the climate control system is in the
>ECON, Bi-Lev, Auto, or Def modes the blower motor sometimes works and
>sometimes doesn't regardless of the mode or the fan speed (hi or lo).
>Occasionally, when I make a right hand turn, the blower motor will
>suddenly come on and will usually stay on until I hit a bump, at which
>point it will go off.  
>1.  What are the common failure points indicative of the above symtoms?

Blower motor brushes

>2.  Would a "Going, going, gone!" blower motor exhibit these symtoms?


BINGO!!!  This is the classic symptom of this failure.  The brushes are
toast.  I replace the entire motor when it has happened on all my Audis so
far. (about $125 from Linda @ Carlson)  Once you have the thing out of the
car, you can drill out the rivets, take apart the motor, fabricate some
brushes, and replace them.  (less $ but you still old bearings etc.)  So,
look in the archives, get out the steak knife, and go for it! (The easiest
removal procedure involves cutting with a steak knife)

>3.  Could it be a loose connection or wire, and if so, where are the
>likely places to look for these loose connections?


>4.  Could this be a faulty blower control unit, and if so, where is this
>unit located?