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Re: Jag brakes

Rosso75@aol.com wrote:

>   For what it's worth (which may be nothing), I have an '83 Volvo turbo wagon
> that I had to do a brake job on recently....most impressive brakes I've seen
> in a long time.  It's got 4 wheel disc and the fronts are huge, 4 piston
> Brembo's (as I recall) with two fluid lines.  I don't know if the base models
> had the same brakes, and I doubt they did, but there are plenty of Volvos out

This was the typical Volvo brake setup for a long time, turbo or not. I don't
know what, if anything, changed when they started added ABS, though.

The main reason was that their dual-brake circuit setup put *three* wheels
in each: the fronts were on *both* indepdendent circuits along with one rear
wheel. The two pairs of pistons in the front calipers were isolated from
each other.

Most cars, including Audi, were content with a diagonal split, with
one front and one rear on each circuit.

Again, I think the introduction of ABS may have changed a lot of this, since
it would require an additional set of channels through the ABS pressure
regulator to allow two independent circuits to each front wheel...

1993 90CS