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Re: '93 90S Fan speed

Elliott Potter wrote:

> Jim_Bresee@idx.com wrote:

> > pretty useless.  The other procedure I plan on doing soon is the front
> > rotors/brake pads, and the AllData information is skimpy, or for other
> > models.  The sum total of the break pad replacement procedure reads
> > something like:

> Replacing the pads is deceptively easy, as long as you've got
> needle-nose vice grips.  I just did them a few months ago, and the pads
> were no problem.  Don't bother trying to get the rotors off unless you
> have a torque wrench.

The rotors are pretty easy, too, though. The only "hard" part is that you
need to remove the pad carrier from the strut housing: two 17mm bolts, which
should be torqued to 92 lbs/ft. You'll probably need a breaker bar on your
ratchet handle to break them loose...

Tap with a hammer around the lug bolt holes on the face of the rotor to
free it. If you're just going to throw the old ones away, it's faster to
just bang away from the back (this *will* dent the rotor!)...

1993 90CS