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Trunk Lock

Benjamin Kwan wrote:

>>>	I'm having a problem with the trunk lock on my 1990 100.  When
the trunk lock cylinder is in the horizontal position it will not lock
with the central locking system.  I can usually here the trunk lock
click if it locks, but it is totally silent now when I lock the doors.
Are there any BTDT's on these locks.  

I had a very similar problem to yours. My central lock would not allow
me to OPEN the trunk without using the key. I found out that there is a
small springloaded "ball" encased in the plastic molded lock housing.
The purpose of that ball is to allow the lock to be in either of two
postions: 1; Always locked 2; Open/locked together with central locking.

I think the problem was that since the casing is plastic, it wore out
around the little springloaded ball, did essentially not provide a good
"seat" for a precision part. I ended up drilling the ball out

I can give you more on this. Feel free to call me at (972) 523-4998 or
(800) 234-0730, ext 31130.

Rgds /// P-O Selander, Dallas, TX
89 100E
91 300 ZXTT (for sale)