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Re: Jag brakes

FYI, all Volvos have this two line setup. The theory (as described to me) is that
if one side fails, you still have brakes. You should notice an indicator under
the speedo that says "Brake Failure." When this comes on, the car is sensing a
loss of pressure somewhere. The nice part is that you have all four pistons
pushing when there is no malfunction.


Rosso75@aol.com wrote: For what it's worth (which may be nothing), I have an '83
Volvo turbo wagon

> that I had to do a brake job on recently....most impressive brakes I've seen
> in a long time.  It's got 4 wheel disc and the fronts are huge, 4 piston
> Brembo's (as I recall) with two fluid lines.  I don't know if the base models
> had the same brakes, and I doubt they did, but there are plenty of Volvos out
> there to be raided for parts, and I don't think anyone could argue against
> Volvo or Brembo's reliability.
> Bryan Carter