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fun, camaraderie, and doing others homework

I have seen a few notes over the last few months, consisting of
"old-timers" or auto experts complaining about dealing with the same old
thing over and over again, helping others without thanks, etc.  I think
the third time I described how to fix something I'm an expert in (was it
changing a fuse or refilling the washer fluid?  who knows) I realised
that everyone's questions deserve to get answered, cripes, we all
started with a a bad door handle once, right?  the trouble is the
endless typing of the same thing.  So I figured that whenever I wrote an
answer that took more that 5 minutes to type I would try to remember to
add it to my crummy little web site.  Now all I have to do theoretically
is point to the url.  No WOB, no sore fingers.

Could some others perhaps use this same tactic in their areas of
expertise to minimise boredom?

Then we would truly have a fabulous resource!

Huw Powell