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Ruminations on hasn't v. can't...

Since when does the fact that something hasn't happened yet automatically
imply that it can't or won't happen at some indefinite point in the future?

I can't speak for others but there are plenty of phenomenon that I have not
experienced first-hand yet this hasn't caused me to doubt their existence
... why is everyone being so narrow-minded when it comes to the behavior of
center differentials in AWD cars?  Is it that hard for some people to
believe that Audi's engineering decisions are not based on any one factor
but a compromise between several competing ones?  To my knowledge, we --
Scott and myself -- have not once criticized Audi's decision to "upgrade"
from their lockable center diffs to a Torsen: For the average person,
driving in an average manner under average conditions, it was -- and is! --
a logical, rational decision and I don't doubt that I'd have made exactly
the same decision had it been my call.  Does this mean it's the perfect
device, under all conditions, for all people, in all cars?  Hardly.

Contrary to what some people believe, I *don't* have an ego investment in
being correct here.  If anyone can provide me with compelling proof that the
Torsen's basic operating characteristics DON'T set the stage for it to
allocate torque inappropriately in an AWD car, then I'll happily -- and
publicly! -- admit to the error of my ways.  However, the mere fact that
someone tells me their cars are wonderful to drive won't cut it ... give me
some REAL proof and I'll listen; give me personal testimonials and nothing
more, and I'll dismiss them out of hand.

Obviously, I can't speak for Scott but I personally stand ready and willing
to publicly flagellate myself the moment anybody provides me with convincing
evidence that my basic understanding of how the Torsen operates is flawed.
Give me hard proof -- and not just subjective driving impressions -- and
I'll quickly concede defeat.  Is that open-minded enough for anyone?

Until then, I'm through wrestling with pigs ... unlike the pig, I'm covered
in shit and I didn't particularly enjoy the experience.  :^(
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