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Re: Ruminations on hasn't v. can't...

This is the third time Dan's asked to stop this, could it actually

If people want a public forum to flame each other, how about we make a
newsgroup, say alt.flames.torsen?  I'd be happy to host it on a private
server until it dies down; as long as I don't have to read it...

"There are still places where people think that the function of the
media  is to provide information."             
	- Don Rottenberg

Dan Simoes wrote:
> Guys,
> You can beat this to death all you want, though why you can't
> do it politely is beyond me.  Just keep it in private email.
> If it's something that needs an opinion from the masses, please
> include us.  But if not, please don't.
> As far as cameraderie, it's alive and well.  Just saw plenty at
> Mt Washington, upcoming at Pikes Peak, and daily on the list.
> Take a deep breath and relax everyone.
> | Dan |