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RE:4kSQ heater core hoses

I can attest that they are a pain in the a** to replace, the car was 
obviously not designed w/ ac in mind. I did them on the 87CGT I'm 
putting together for the girlfriend & it was a good half day job. At 
that point the motor was out for a rebuild, but you must evacuate a/c 
system, remove air box cover in tray area at base of windshield, drop 
the evaperator down inside car( I think I took out glove box as well), 
find all the hidden screws & then undo 2 hose clamps for hoses. I hope a 
customer  never wants them replaced, I think the price quote would send 
them out the door screaming. Good luck!!!
Ron Wood-Audis a plenty
87.5 CGT-with all new hoses
8? A2 rally car