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V8 quattro's, automatics and 5-speeds, oh my... sorry wrong quote....

I said...	

>> I can probably sell my engine for 4-5k and buy a 4.2 for ? 
>> who knows...., then swap a few electrics....
>> and wallah 276hp :-) Yeehaa!!!!  Sorry got a little out of 
>> control there....

Ben said...

> Just as a heads up, GOOD 3.6l motors can be bought for ~$1k. I bought one
>about 2 years ago with ECU and harness for $350!!!! Granted, it had 212k
>miles, but it ran when it came out. OK, so that was a smoking deal, but the
>bottom line is that 3.6 motors are dime a dozen and $1k is a fair asking
>price. The best quote I have got for a 4.2 was $3.5k with harness and ECU. 

(bummer, I looked 3 years ago and they were 4-5k...)

I said...

>> What was I talkin about ? oh yeah,  4.2 won't go in 3.6 engine bay...

Ben said...

> Why?

Because Cobram say's so....

>     We discussed this several times in the past on the Quattro
>     list.  Consensus is that NO, it's definitly not worth
>     the effort, nor is it an easy bolt in.  The V8 Quattro
>     can be thought of as a "hand made" car, not to the
>     extent of the early quattros, but close.  The 5 speed
>     and the automatic have completely different setups, from
>     the mounts, axels, exhaust, engine forgings, "transfer case"
>     (cough) and bolt patterns. 


>     It would take a bit of fabricattion
>     to make a 3.6 out of an automatic fit, let alone a 4.2.
>     Of course, if you can get your hands on a Euro 4.2 with
>     a 5 speed, it might be a little easier, but even then I
>     doubt there would be much parts crossover from a later
>     model to an earlier model.  Unfortunatly, there seem to
>     be many more parts in the 1990-91 that are unique to the
>     V8Q than in the later V8Q models.

If I were wealthy I would import an S6+ avant :-)  S6 Avant w/300hp +/- 
6 speed....   easy.... down boy....

This is what happens when I work the 2:00pm to midnight shift....

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