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"And now 3rd...."

>matt, sargeant, scott, jeff - how the hell could i possibly get 3rd
>fastest times (and beat specifically equipped cars), if the bite exists?
>any ideas, or just more hot air?
No, but no mention of your hands off either.  Hey, this isn't a brag fest
Dave.  You have the only quattro at a scubie event.  YOU have claimed it
"wasn't" a competition when getting flack for your *hands off*.  Me, I'm just
an idiot.  And got FTD at steamboat with a locker 5ktq that wasn't even mine.
And it was a competition, the premiere of the SCCA Rallycross series, 40
entries.  I don't for a minute use that for "bite" arguments.  Though the
torsen placement in the competition wasn't nearly as close as yours.  

I also read that the steamboat invite is declined.  Hey, you don't have to be
there Dave (and thankfully you declined before you accepted my offer to book
you or take your RS2:), there will be at least one 20vturq in your abscencia. 

I'm still reading "smart" into a dumb device.  Your 3rd place so noted in an
event that wasn't competition, and was filled with scubie snacks.

How did you get third place?  Not my interest.  My interest is more in how you
explain the last weeks' "spin" in terms of chassis and "expectation".  Or this
weeks' conclusion that *no hands* means *no bite*.   3rd place could be luck
on your part, or bad luck on scubies....  How 'bout a venue that 95% of the
tires are the same, 100% of the marque is audi awd, 100% of torsen (and non)
wouldn't dream of a *no hander*, and the cf is a constant to ALL competitors.
Now there is a comparo....  Only 7 months away.  

I find it hard to believe that one that .sigs with RS2 and 20vturq, can't
afford to have a little fun next year.  The tickets at your expense, but think
of the rewards in laughter at ours...