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Re: 5KCSTQ Blues Question re: suspension

Richard said,
>Just got my car back from the dealer who replaced 3 of the 4 turbo oil 
lines (1 was the oil cooler line) -- the 'feed, the 'return,' and the 
cooler  line. Altogether with as few extra things -- parking light bulb 
replace ment and a new hood latch came to $1200!

let me start by saying that we probably have all experienced dealer 
maintenance pain, however, you posted for inexpensive ways of replacing 
these lines.  I, and at least 3 others told you to go to a hydraulic 
shop where you would probably save over 75% from dealer and I also 
pointed you to a dealer source who discounts between 10-20%.  You have 
the power to turn your blues to saved green.  I notice all your posts 
have a sense of urgency, ie. gotta happen by this weekend etc.  Take a 
step back to evaluate your options.  Glad to see you went aftermarket 
for the rack & pump.  While I'd like to believe in Vorsprung Durch 
Technik, I more firmly believe that "retail is for other people" TM.  
There are ways to properly maintain turbo Audis almost reasonably and 
this list is the place to find them!

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