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Re: Trunk Lock(and re-keying gas caps.)

Tony Lum <tlum@flash.net> wrote:
> I've re-keyed the gas cap several times.  All you need is a 3 jaw puller
> and a dime size piece of steel plate.  Place the plate over the lock
> cylinder and position the 3 jaw evenly around the plastic cap.  Slowly
> tighten the center screw until the plastic cap pulls off.  On the last
> one I did, the 3 jaw slipped on me and chipped the plastic cover so take
> your time.  You can now remove the lock cylinder by pulling the clip off
> the end.  Rearrange the keys, or remove the keys as necessary so that
> your ignition key correctly depresses keys flush with the lock cylinder. 
> To re-assembly it helps to have a press and a 30MM socket.  Place the
> socket on the bottom of the gas cap and press on the plastic cap with the
> appropriate bushing.

Excellent post!  I wondered about how to do this.  I think I'll begin my 
webpage compilation of how-to's (per Huw's suggestion and shining example) 
with this post.