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RE: Any 4kq's FS

Todd Phenneger <phen9461@uidaho.edu> wrote:
> Oh, that sounds very nice.  Of course for 450$$$$$ 
> that would make a good project car for a rally car.

8-)  I got one! (not for sale, but it was 500 bones)

> Too bad it isn't white.  Thanks for the info though.  
> Still waiting for the Aluminum stock for the strut braces. 
> I'll build one as soon as I get it though.  L8R

Todd, put up a web page man!  Share some images of your that new red 
paing on your ride!  And the turbo conversion...

(got a taillight and engine bracket for the 4ksq coming, and a RV mirror 
and ashtray for the C-GT, then I start putting the 4ksq back together and 
getting it running)