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Re: Euro Light group purchase final notice

> > ...   Does not run
> > both fillaments of the H4 bulb on high, only high of H4 and the H1 bulb's
> > single fillament because of wattage loads and heat(short bulb life.)
> I've tried mine wired both ways.  It made damn all difference - if
> you've got Euros on main beam, you ain't lookin' where the dipped H4
> beam falls.  I now run like the above.
> And high-powered bulbs just don't last as long.  Period.

Yup, once you've got H4's, you won't be scrounging for more light.  The
highs are magnificent on their own.

I get 6 mos - 1 year out of 80/100 bulbs.  That's not too bad.  Not as
long as stock power would last, but not a major irritant.

Huw Powell