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rack boot logic

 -=> Lewis Schnaper illuminates us with <=-

 LS> I bought a very clean and well-maintained 92 V-8 in California a
 LS> couple of months ago with about 75,000 miles on it.  When I got it home
 LS> to Anchorage the Audi-enthusiast shop here confirmed that the car was
 LS> is good shape except for one strange thing.  The steering rack boot is

    "If it ain't broke don't fix it."  I'm not sure I understood,
    but from what you wrote, it's a torn boot that isn't leaking
    anything, nor allowing anything to contaminate the contents.
    If this is the case, wrap some tape, either strong electrical
    or duct tape and it might be years or never before you get
    a leak in the rack.  

 LS> torn on one side near the bolts, the bolt-tabs show that they've been
 LS> bent back, and one cover where the steering arm goes through the
 LS> chassis (you can probably tell that I'm describing this second-hand) is

     If it's the tabs I'm thinking of, these tabs have to be bent
     back to change suspension arms in the V8Q.
 LS> removed unless it was replaced, but it makes no sense that anyone who
 LS> would remove it would leave a torn boot.

     Don't ever expect people to make sense.

 LS> I'd appreciate your thoughts on what to do.

     As soon as I get some free time I'll take a look at the
     manual to get a better idea if there are any other options.

 LS> A couple of other V-8 questions.  First, about 10 seconds after some
 LS> cold starts I hear a medium sized clunk.  I'm curious as to what this
 LS> is.  Sounds like something pressurizing and actuating.  Could this be
 LS> a differential lock?

     Try starting the car with the climate control Off.  Sounds
     just like the sound the compressor clutch makes when it
     kicks in. Takes about 10 seconds after cold start on my
     car too.

 LS> Second, on slow hard turns in either direction, like coming out of a
 LS> parking space, I can feel a very slight vibration in the steering. 
 LS> I've been told that this is a normal Quattro artifact, but would
 LS> appreciate either a confirmation of that or a suggestion as to what
 LS> might be wrong. 

     This sounds like the Torsen "spider bite" that has many
     a lister wearing out the printed letters on their keyboards.
     The wheels grab on tight corners, I've had this happen both
     front and rear, ignore it, they all seem to do it and does
     indeed seem like a "normal Quattro artifact" as you state.

     Enjoy the car, can't get more car for the money IMHO.


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