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Porsche k26 turbo

Hi all:

Belonging to the Porsche 944 and race list has it's benefits.  Huntley
Racing at http://www.huntleyracing.com offers turbo upgrades for the 944
turbo.  This car usually has a KKK k26 turbo.

So I'm thinking, Audi k26, Porsche k26, upgrades, hmmm?

Any turbo gurus know if the Porsche KKK turbo is a direct swap with the
Audi one?  If so, maybe Huntley Racings turbo upgrades are applicable to
our Audis as well...

BTW, in their words their upgrade is a "a new hybrid Garrett turbo mapped
for 350HP to the rear wheels.  It develops maximum boost at 3700RPM and
holds your desired boost setting until redline.  It is capable of 25 to 30
PSI boost levels, but was designed to run 16 to 20 PSI."

The usual disclaimers...