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Re: Trunk Lock

> BTW, this is a unique 100/200 problem coz they have plastic lock
> components where the 5000 had all metal ones. One of those
> "improvements" on the 200, you know... Marches hand in hand with
> the brittle alloy clutch pedal on those cars. Evidently somebody
> at Audi engineering did not like the idea that the old all-steel
> 5000 clutch pedals never broke.

My '86 is my first 5000. But I kinda thought that maybe it shared
the clutch pedal with my 84 Coupe GT. Maybe not. But anyway, the
steel lutch pedal on the Coupe broke not long after I bought it 
in '91. I had a friend weld it back together. He did not guarantee
the results; he thought the steel looked a bit thin. But it's still
working quite well.

Never did understand why it broke in the first place...  -doug q 
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