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Oil pressure concerns on '91 200TQ and group euro light purchase

I missed the start of the thread on the group euro light purchase, if
someone could e-mail me directly, I'm intersted.

Now my problem: my wife's '91 200TQ (150K miles) has been occasionally
flashing the oil pressure warning light on the dash over the past few
weeks. Sometimes at idle when the gauge reads 1.5bar, sometimes at 80mph
when the gauge reads 5 bar. Also, the oil pressure seems to have dropped
some over the last 6 months. It used to never fall below 2 bar at idle when
warm and now it sits at about 1.5 (although when I was driving it today, it
was at 1.8 bar at idle fully warm). When it's cold, I get close to 5 bar at

I switched from Castrol Syntec 5w-50w with a Napa Gold filter to Castrol
(dino) 10w40w with an Audi filter. No difference.

Any BTDT on this one? Are there more than one oil pressure sending units on
this car (to explain why the idiot display doesn't always seem to agree
with the analog gauge)? Is the oil pump or the oil pressure sending unit a
common failure on these cars?


Al Youngwerth