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Re: Porsche k26 turbo(now IC/fan)

The IC on a 944 turbo is a nice unit. Aluminum about 2 feet long & thicker than
an Audi. It's aluminum end caps are welded in place. Would take some
fabrication to adapt it, the inlet & outlet are on opposite sides. Another
interesting IC I recently saw was an 88 Celica All-trac turbo. It was a sealed
unit that was water cooled with it's own little radiator & electric pump that
looked identical to the after run pump on a 5k/200. Not sure that it would be
better or worse though.


Brett Dikeman wrote:

> Before doing that, consider a new IC.  I'm looking for one right as we
> speak.  That or a fan that will fit in that tiny space; even though it's a
> better IC than the one in the 5k(or is it?) it suffers from heat soak like
> you wouldn't believe.  To get serious with that engine, you have to give
> the IC about 1-2 minutes of calm driving.  Stop-light departures suffer
> from engine heat cooking the IC.
> They make really super-thin fans, I just have to find one :)
> If anyone has any info on either, let me know.  Among other things, I need
> to measure the available space between IC+timing belt cover(keeping
> "bouncing" room in mind.)
> Remember, cooler temps are better than more pressure for about a zillion
> different reasons(less detonation, and less stress[as opposed to higher
> pressure] on hoses being among them.  Not to mention you don't have to
> re-map the ECU!)
> Brett
> 91 200q 20v
> PS:Check out, in Turbo magazine, the article on the RAM pickup...V10,
> 600something hp.  Twin turbos, water-to-air intercooler, with 12 gallon,
> electrically-chilled(peltier device?) ice-chest to hold water to cool it.
> It reduces the charge to an asounding 65 deg. F!  Daaaaaamn.
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