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RE: VW-Volvo Merger?

Hey Mike,
It's OK to spell VOLVO correctly now......it's in the process of joining the

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> << Makes you wonder if Hans/Frans were selling Audi's engineering plans to
> ovloV after they got canned for designed electrical systems to melt down
> in order to protect that damn 59cent fuse! >>
> Either that or they traded ideas ;-)...the electrical systems in
> ovlov DL's
> are so bad that they make the one in my Audi 5kcstq (which is by
> no means a
> great electrical system) look great! I own (please note that I didn't say
> "drive") an 85 DL wagon and the entire electrical system is a joke...in
> talking with local ovlov wrenches it seems they all suffer from the same
> electrical ills too (i.e. engine compartment wiring loom failures is a big
> one).
> As far as this "merger" goes...I can only see a value in ovlov to
> VW from the
> truck division and the VW "bulking up" standpoints. What will
> Vee-Dub do with
> the car division which is (sort of) a direct competitor to Audi? That part
> remains a mystery I suppose. Good to see VW is doing as well as they are
> though because it does mean more cash flow for development of toys that we
> quattro fantics will enjoy. (For example, from all I have read
> thus far...I
> *want* a TT bad!)
> Mike Veglia
> 87 5kcstq (with vastly better electrical reliability than any
> ovlov DL I have
> ever seen...)