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Re: Porsche k26 turbo(now IC/fan)

>The IC on a 944 turbo is a nice unit. Aluminum about 2 feet long & thicker
>an Audi. It's aluminum end caps are welded in place. Would take some
>fabrication to adapt it, the inlet & outlet are on opposite sides. Another
>interesting IC I recently saw was an 88 Celica All-trac turbo. It was a sealed
>unit that was water cooled with it's own little radiator & electric pump that
>looked identical to the after run pump on a 5k/200. Not sure that it would be
>better or worse though.
Now that's an interesting idea; I bet with a little searching junkyards one
could find a junked Celica and yank all those parts.  With a little clever
underbody hose-running(maybe tie-wrapped to brake lines?) one could put a
water tank in the trunk(and even the radiator, since supposedly the car
vents air out the bottom of the trunk!)  I guess in a stripped racing car
it would be less of a problem...

I've often thought about the idea of a water-cooled IC; that's what that
scary truck used.  I also have the peltier chips to pull off a
solar-powered chiller.  All I'd need is a thermally insulated water
container and I could pull it off.  If anyone in the MA area is interested
in trying this(for ex., someone who races) let me know; I'd love to work on
a system like this.


Brett Dikeman
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