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Help with Corrado G60 parts?!

Hey all on the 20v and q-lists,
I called up a import wrecking yard, and they have a '90 G60 siting there, and
it needs parts big time.  I'm considering rebuilding it if ican a) buy it
cheep enough, and b) get parts for it cheap enough.  Here's the list:

Both front fenders,
Bumper cover,
Rad. core support, 
Heater core, 
1 rim (15x6, 4x100),
*Air box,
Fog lights / turn signals,
Front trim (between bumper and grille),
Radiator hoses,
Oil filler cap (leaky, but there),
cam cover gasket (leaky but there),
VW emblem,
G60 emblem

* means may not be necessary.  My guestimation puts the parts bill between
$3300, and $4700.  Car price is not set in stone (better not be, I looked at
it, and $1500 is too high for it).  It ran and rolled when it first came in (1
week ago by the rusty brakes).  Body is straight (well, all panels rear of the
a pillar line up perfectly).  Paint is in very good shape (dark met. blue) and
int. is in good shape.  It has 109k on it.

-Eric Ferguson
'90 CQ 20v
'87 5ksq