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Yes, but *which* relay? / FP cutout

In message <359C7D70.987D4F79@nh.ultranet.com> Huw Powell writes:

> > The motor is too sweet to
> > keep shifting at 4500 RPM...

> OK, someone explain this, maybe I don't have a red line cutout?  Today I
> "accidentally" flew right past the sensible guidelines printed on my
> instruments and that needle got to at least 7000 before I realised that
> there was a second gear I could use... no shut off.  82 coupe doesn't
> have this nifty safety feature?

On some Audis, the cutout is a centrifugal (centripetal?) weight in the
distributor arm.  If some cheapskate has fitted a generic arm rather
than the right Audi part ...

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