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RE:air vs water ic & Spearco info

I use an air/water ic for the rally car with very good results. I 
modified a Garrett unit, fabricated a large radiator for the coolant & 
placed it in the rear wing like the A2 factory cars did with their oil 
coolers. I also have a 2 gallon resevoir tank in the trunk w/ a high 
volume ( 7-8 gpm) pump for circulation. The water temp has never 
exceeded 120'F, unfortuneatly, I cant give you in vs. out temps yet. I 
also fab a oil to water oill cooler & plumbed it in after the ic, works 
great, oil temp has never exceeded 220'F, with the old, large air to 
oil, I would see 235'F on longer stages in hot weather. The sizes of the 
water/air coolers are very compact in comparison with an equally 
efficient air/air unit, roughly 1/5th of the size.
  Spearco offers a lot of air/air & air/water intercoolers & cores, as 
well as other goodies, phone # 818-901-7851 fax # 818-785-4362
Ron Wood-Audis a plenty
82 URQ
8? A2 rally car
87.5 CGT
assorted 4KQs