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85 5K Power Steering fix?

"maya" <maya@softcom.net> wrote:

>I need to R&R the power steering pump and hoses in an 85 5000S.
>How much time should I figure?

1. Pump: genuine ZF kit - $18. Rebuid time - 40min.
2. Hoses: pressure ones ~$80 ea. The return one ~$50. YMMV. The
rear rack hose is a PITA to torque to spec. Figure 30min for all

>Can I do it without pulling the rack? Can the washers be reused
>(having a difficult time procuring them, ordering takes too long).

Reusing the cheap Cu washers in the hydro sys working @ 2000psi
operating pressure makes about as much sence as reusing condoms.
In an absolute pinch you can do that after flat sanding and
annealing them _very_well_.

>Any way to bleed the rack?

1. Disconnect the top return hose from the reservoir and dip it
into a suitable container.
2. Start the car and let it idle. Have an assistant turn the
wheels from lock to lock.
3. Add Pentosin as nessesary. DO NOT let the sys run dry at any
4. Run 2-3 litres of Pentosin through the sys. Reconnect the

>Yes it did not get Pentosin, but the rack is not leaking.

???? I hope that you don't run Dextron or any other fluid.
Pentosin _only_!

Igor Kessel
'89 200TQ -- 18psi (TAP)
'98 A4TQ -- mostly stock
Philadelphia, PA