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Re: S2 headlight information

Peter Schulz <schulz@iatcmail.ed.ray.com> wrote:

>I have a contact at Hella of Germany, who may be
>able to get me a set of S2 headlights.

>The Audi p/n is 001-13835-03, which corresponds
>to Hella p/ns 007140-13 LWR, 007140-14 LWR, which
>I assume have height adjustment controls,
>and 007140-07, 08, without the LWR.

>Does anyone have a copy of the S2 fiche and could
>they check if the Audi part number is for the
>complete headlight (Or will I have to buy the mounting
>bracket too?)

Don't have the fiche, but I do have the Hella catalogue, and all units are
complete. Having tried to separate several mounting brackets from their
reflectors, I can tell you that it's impossible without reverting to a

I've never seen haedlights sold w/out monuting brackets. Maybe the electric
adjustment motors can be sold separately, I'm not sure.



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