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Re: Dynamic of UR-QUATTRO 20v

>Hello !
>I think that it is clear that AUDI (ur)QUATTRO has lack of power under
>3000rpm , engine lacks boost from turbo till ~3000rpm and camshaft is
>adjusted also for power in 2500-5500rpm range.
>Can anyone write me if dynamic of Ur-QUATTERO  became better in 89 when AUDI
>launched new car Audi Quattro 20v with new 20 valve engine and smaller turbo
>. As I know S2 had almost the same engine and AUDI 200 quattro 20v .If
>anyone has theese cars please share with me some information about engine
>and its torque .
Not from UrQ experience, but from 5kT and 91 200 experience, the 10v turbo
motor did have some issues below 3k; the 20v is a completely different
beast.  Much smoother.  I love the 20v motor in my 200; we're friends all
the time and best buddies when the OAT drops to around 60-65; I can't wait
until fall/winter :)  The biggest problem with that engine is that it has
heat issues.   Runs really hot in the summer, the IC gets soaked easily,
and the run after the IC is really, really long to the throttle body, and
runs right next to the exhaust.  I've thought of boosting the existing heat
shield with some fiberglass to keep that pipe a little cooler.  I've also
thought of using some tubing to re-direct fresh air to the airbox
intake(which is also very close to the turbo/exhaust.)

Many feel that audi changed to the 20v motor in 1991 with the 200 to
compete with the V8's everyone was putting into their luxury boats.  The
low-RPM torque peak made it ideal for competing with the torque-heavy V8's,
not to mention an itsy little 2.2l engine weighs a heck of a lot less and
sucks half the gas...


Brett Dikeman
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